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Our Vision is to become the nation’s career leading, most relevant medical training institution. That means that whether you’ve chosen a career in the clinical or administrative area, you will have faculty and staff committed to helping you succeed. Choice MD provides the opportunity to earn credentials and certifications vital to this success. Our classes are one or two days per week and we also offer online courses for those whose schedule keeps you from the traditional way of training. Our experienced faculty uses proven methods to maximize your training and best prepare you for the medical or dental career that you’ve been dreaming about. Learn more today!

Fastest growing school in the State!

Choice MD is now serving over 9 locations and partner locations in Kentucky with an online program introduced to the entire state.

Graduate in as little as 16 weeks!

Programs are designed at Choice MD to get you started on your career in as little as 16 weeks.

Scholarships and Financing Available!

Choice MD provides the solutions you need to succeed with Financing and Scholarship options.